Microsoft came to us with a problem - Windows Live Messenger’s market share was shrinking at double the industry rate. Research showed that we needed to give people and their friends a really good reason to use Messenger.

You IM. We Give.
This really simple idea unifies this extremely wide product development and distributed social media campaign.

Launch Campaign
To be successful we knew that we needed to put the user and their elected cause at the center and almost forget about Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft. We also needed a way for users to show they cared – we needed a digital bumper sticker/pin badge.

So we created a logo, website and social media assets that would show your friends that you cared about the cause you were supporting and worked with the Microsoft Engineers to get this into the product. And we allowed people to customize they display message so they could say I’m helping save trees etc.


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We produced some streaming spots, wild posters, banners and created Microsoft’s largest Facebook page that grew to 100,000 users in less than 6 weeks.


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Cause Effect
After the success of the first campaign Microsoft wanted us to extend the campaign. After using data analysis we decided to focus on college students and partnered with MTVU to produce a series that put the spotlight on ten kids who were really making a difference.



The MTVU series Cause & Effect was nominated for an Emmy.
Our Microsoft client - Tara Kriese was awarded online services group marketer of the year.

Client: Microsoft Windows Live Messenger
Role: CD/ECD and ocasional AD
Agency: McCann Erickson San Franciso


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