In 2005 Lenovo asked us to promote their new ThinkPad Z60, it was the first time they had manufactured a titanium laptop.

The website exploited their highly opinionated nature of the tech savvy audience by leveraging an already-existing debate over what was the best finish for a ThinkPad – the original classic black or the new titanium.

Users were asked to vote on what type of ThinkPad they preferred (black or titanium) and then encouraged to ask their friends to vote on whether ThinkPads should remain ‘classic black’ or evolve with ‘sleek titanium’. Users were able to view voting trends across the world, as well as across the fifty United States, to see how their preferred model was faring.

Of course, an election would not be complete without the ability to sway the vote. The site spoke to Lenovo's commitment to innovation with the creation of the ‘Persuadatron’, a set of characters that enabled users to send customized spoken messages to encourage their friends to vote in a particular way. This device was deliberately tailored to allow the user to also have fun, sending any kind of spoken message they wanted to friends.


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Shortlisted for Cannes
Shortlisted for the Clios
Shortlisted for the Webbys
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Client: Lenovo
Role: ACD/Art Director
Agency: OgilvyOne NY




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