Miller Brewing company neded to revive their flagging Foster's Brand and reach out to new younger consumers.

As part of a largest non traditional online beer campaign of it's time, the website, web films and participation in’s Massive Mating Game gained a huge amount of press coverage and was featured in the Wall Street Journal and on BBC world news as well a numerous trade publications.

Web films - no longer live

Conceived as the campaign hub for Foster’s new advertising campaign, was a fully featured beer site designed to appeal to Foster’s new target age group of 21 to 29 year olds.

The website featured:

The web films, with each film depicting a decidedly unfriendly situation that’s averted by the arrival of a can of Foster's.

A friendly map of the US with user feedback that created a realtime scoreboard of the friendlest state in the union.

A pretty weird Australian themed game, where your aim is to get as 'friendly' as you can with a lovely shelia called Sheila (my partner and copywriter was the super talented Australian Simon Foster).

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The web films won a Gold (Non Broadcast Campaign) One Show Pencil.
Featured onCreativity & (September 18th 2006)

Client: Miller Brewing Company
Role: ACD/Art Director
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/OgilvyOne NY




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