In 2004 Ford asked us to create their first interactive TV commercial, this new format ran on the UK’s dominant cable/satellite platform - Sky digital.

We were asked to communicate how the 1,500 improvements to the new-look Mondeo are greater than the sum of their parts and also to encourage viewers to order a brochure or request a test drive.

We had 4 weeks to conceive and produce with only an photo library for assets.


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357,000 viewers interacted with the ad (it only ran 12 times)
3,551 users requested a brochure
1,203 booked a test drive
All at a cost of just 6p (approx. 10c) for every 30 seconds of each potential customer’s time.

Ford loved the results, commissioned additional ads and increased the media spend.

Finalist DMA Echo 2005

Client: Ford Motor Company
Role: Art Director
Agency: OgilvyOne& Ogilvy & Mather London




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